Announcing: Jackelyn Ho x Blueberry Pet

I can’t believe this is actually real life, but it’s true. AHHHHHHH!

I’ve partnered with Blueberry Pet to launch our very own yoga and pet line!



When we adopted Denali nearly 3 years ago, a huge part of my heart unlocked. I fell in love with this little furry creature the moment I saw her and I promised to keep her safe and happy forever. 

After we got the news that we could bring Denali home, I went online and tried to find her the cutest little collar and leash I could find. We were immediately drawn to this adorable pink rosey set. 

That set? We still use it to this day. 
The brand? Blueberry Pet. 

Fast forward to last year, Blueberry Pet caught wind of our weekly virtual Sweat and Shred + Yoga classes. They loved seeing Denali pop in and out of frame, licking our faces and wanting to get in on the fun. One thing led to another, and here we are a year later, bringing to life a dream that I could have never imagined possible.

This new and fun collection brings pup parents and their fur babies together through movement. Whether you like to get down with your dog or take them on morning runs, this collection makes it possible. 

The print is inspired by my love for climbing, adventure, and the outdoors. Its summery colors and thrilling landscape make both Denali and I excited to hop on our mat! 

Explore the entire collection NOW at Blueberry Pet and use code JACKELYN10 for an exclusive 10% off!

Thank you so much to Blueberry Pet for supporting this crazy dream. Most of all, thank you to Nali, my sweet pup <3 This is for you, little girl. 



From Blueberry Pet:

We teamed up with Jackelyn Ho, a Los Angeles-based fitness and yoga instructor, marketer, writer, entrepreneur, and rock climber. Inspired by her love of the outdoors, we designed our first-ever set that brings pups and their parents closer together through fitness. 


About the Yoga Set

“Every time I roll out my mat, Denali immediately jumps on with me, wags her tail, and gives me sloppy little kisses as I flow through each pose. It’s like she knows it’s our special bonding time to workout and play together. This set brings a big smile to my face because I love having her as my workout partner, especially since we can now match wherever we go!” 

This fun new collection was made in collaboration by an all-female team of pet lovers. Created for the pup family who is always on the go, this set is designed to inspire adventure, movement, and lots and lots of cuddles.