Sydney, Australia: I’m Coming Back For You

By Jackelyn Ho

Four years ago, I landed in Sydney, Australia to study abroad. I had reservations about going because I had so many great gigs at the time and I didn’t want to risk losing them if I left. Okay, and I was totally in love with my best friend and I thought we would never have a chance once I got back. Spoiler alert: Everything totally worked out and we got together when I returned. April will be our 3-year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier!

Anyway, I really didn’t make my mind up until about 6 weeks before I was supposed to leave and even then, I only committed to a 6-month program. My advisor told me I needed to apply for a year because she knew that I would change my mind. I scoffed at the idea of being gone for that long but at the end of it all, she knew me better than I knew myself.

Sydney is everything to me. It’s where I finally found myself after submitting to two years at a college that was my last choice. I became a kid on the playground and made new friends everywhere I went and found bliss in everything I did. I became curious, adventurous, and happy. Most importantly, I joined one of the coolest families around: New Evolution Ventures. This is the parent company that owns Crunch FitnessHard Candy Fitness, and UFC Gym. I remember stumbling upon Hard Candy Fitness (which was actually called V Club at the time) and falling in love with the whole place. I started teaching for them and was so taken aback by how welcoming the team was.

They are the reason I stayed for a year and they are the reason I am finally coming back! Can you believe it? After so many years!

I’ll be teaching a handful of classes and I would love if you could come out and play with me. Whether it’s to experience my sister’s new Pop Pilates® format, try out my infamous Cardio Kickboxing, or take part in an American Ninja Warrior inspired class, next week is your chance!

If you’re not a member, drop-in rates apply, but it’ll be totally worth it. I promise! If you’re attending a Crunch class, you can grab a free pass here if it’s your first time.

I can’t wait to finally meet some of you in person and sweat it out in my favorite city in the whole world. If you can’t make it to a class, then let’s meet on the beach. That’s where you’ll find me the rest of the time trying to get back my sunkissed shoulders.

*Cardio Kick is on SAT 27th – Chatswood – 11am. Not Friday.