I’m Taking Over the ClassPass Snapchat TOMORROW!

By Jackelyn Ho

We are exactly two weeks out from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am actually very excited. The past few months have been a roller coaster of training and I will admit, I didn’t follow my prescribed training plan (sorry!) but with all the cross training I do, I think I’m in pretty good standing for 13.1. Before this, I barely had motivation for a run, so my goal of just being able to get out for a few miles was a serious feat. It’s crazy to think that I have 5 half marathons under my belt and every race still feels like a start from ground zero. Now, I can actually start up my runs without that feeling of dread that haunted me for so long. This is all in part due to the never ending support and encouragement from ClassPass.

This season, they launched their very first blogger campaign called #ClassPassRunner. They reached out to me in hopes to inspire that runner’s high, and although I started out very skeptical that they could change my stubborn mindset, they succeeded. From a brand new Forerunner 223 Garmin watch to recovery tools from Trigger Point Therapy to luscious care products from Lush Cosmetics, I’ve been lavished with personalized goodies to help make my run the best. I feel giddy with excitement.

So, what’s left in these next 2 weeks? Well, I’ll be sharing my day with you on ClassPass’ newly launched SnapChat! Tune in on Saturday October 10th to see what a day is like in my life 7 days before the race. I’ll take you through my breakfast, my run, and my random shenanigans around Mountain View, CA (the suburb life is more exciting than you’d think!). I’m really excited to share a “Day in the Life of Jackelyn” with you. I think you’ll be pretty amused at how simply I live day-to-day.

Follow ClassPass on Snapchat by searching them on the app OR taking a picture of the snapcode below. If you have burning questions or suggestions as to what I should share on that day, let me know in the comments below.