My Very First Cross-Training Event with #ClassPassRunner

By Jackelyn Ho

When ClassPass reached out and wanted to help me prepare for this year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon, I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to run again, but I was definitely persuaded. Why? Because a few years back, I lost my love for running and have struggled to find it ever since. I used to thrive off that elusive runner’s high, but these days, it doesn’t serve as the therapy that it used to. Fortunately, with ClassPass’ help and support these past few months, it has gotten much, much better. It’s just been a whirlwind of rollercoaster running and non-stop training, but for once, I’m loving it.

ClassPass arrived in the form of support by throwing me a workout party at the TRX Training Center in San Francisco, CA. The event was also in partnership with Project Juice and Spright. One of my old friends actually ended up teaching the class (it’s a small world out there in the fitness industry!) and we had a full class filled with rows, chest presses, and of course, atomic push-ups. I used to teach a TRX class every Sunday until earlier this year and I really missed the group training aspect of TRX, so this was a throwback success.

When I first arrived to the TRX Training Center, I met a handful of awesome peeps from the San Francisco ClassPass office who had set up a very large poster of my face and a table of t-shirts, water bottles, and goodies. I must admit, I was taken aback by the poster but the picture was taken by my good friend Chris Nguyen and it was stamped with all of my favorite brands, so I did have a soft spot for it. I’m not sure what to do with the poster now, but I have been encouraged give it to my boyfriend to put on his desk at work.

Around 6:30pm, all of the participants had arrived and we huddled up in the bright yellow group fitness room to chat about running and how cross training can be super helpful when training for something like a half-marathon. For one, it breaks up the monotony of one type of workout and second, it helps you continue to train other muscles in your body so that they aren’t left neglected and prone to injury when you do use them again. TRX is a great way to cross-train because literally every single muscle is activated through one of their many sweat-inducing moves.

Once class started, the thrill level was high and the moves were just the right amount of hard. My favorite part were the partner workouts at the end because I feel like that always brings the energy up ten notches. Plus, you get to commiserate with another person about how your legs are just burning! After class ended, we snapped some pics, drank Project Juice’s chlorophyll water and snacked on chia bars. I wish every workout experience was like this!

Big thanks to ClassPass, TRX Training Center, Spright, and Project juice for fueling my journey to 13.1. I’m feeling stronger and more pumped up than ever! If you are in the SF area, tweet me so we can sneak in a few more runs before October 18th. Or, if you’re running the race, let me know so we can snap a pic for the ‘gram!

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